Reconstruction Funds Needed Urgently!

Dear Dharma Friends,

Trulku Nyima Dorjee, who belongs to the Sakya School, is now reconstructing the Shrine Room of the 2nd floor of his monastery, which has been in a decrepit condition for some years, and is now in serious danger of falling apart from warping beams, which were not protected with proper roof tiles when the last reconstruction was done.

The funds already raised for Palden Ningye Choekhorling monastery were exhausted before completion of the current reconstruction due to the sudden sharp rise in the prices of construction materials. The next construction payment is due in August, and, since no source of funding is available to cover transportation costs, Trulku Nyima Dorjee had to lead the Sangha in transporting wooden materials with their bare hands, They worked in a frozen, snow-covered environment, which exhausted all of them physically.

The Trulku suffered terribly from the extreme fatigue, to the point where he developed internal bleeding. It is a truly devastating situation, upsetting all the followers of the Trulku, and filling everyone who has witnessed these extreme efforts with prayers that somehow, help will come for them.

Picture Caption Left:Recommendation Letter from H.H.Sakya Trizin

Now that the materials have been so laboriously assembled, and at such physical cost to the monastery’s lineage holder, the construction must proceed! This means that the construction payment, due in August, must be paid ithout delay. However, the monastery is situated in a very remote area, and so fund raising has been extraordinarily difficult. This is very worrying to the Trulku, whose followers are becoming quite desperate.

In Tibetan Buddhism there are four Schools. Trulku Nyima Dorjee is part of the Glorious Sakya School, and is responsible for the continuing existence of Palden Choekhorling Monastery. The monastery is located in Kham Drag-go area in Si Chuan province, and is the only existing monastery of the Sakya Tradition in the area. If Palden Ningye Choekhorling is lost, the people there will have been robbed of their only access to the Sakya tradition. This will not only affect the local monks and followers, but it would be a great loss to Buddhism, as a whole. For the monastery, there is very little time left.

There is a metaphor in Buddhism, which describes the only way to keep a drop of water from drying out: allowing droplets to converge into the body of an ocean. In the same way, the only means of keeping the beneficial effects of kind deeds in a permanent way, is to dedicate the merit of those deeds towards Enlightenment, so that the merit will never be exhausted.

When the Sangha keep the vows purely and distribute the Dharma, they are the extraordinary, beautiful field of merit and virtue, which is like a flower. If we offer the field of merit and virtue of the Sangha, and dedicate all that merit to achieving Enlightenment, that merit will never be reduced. I bow to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten Directions and wish that the Dharma friends who have a connection with us will see this article. May the followers who have a connection with the wonderful Sakya School join with us to complete this field of flowers. And may the Compassionate teachings of the Buddha be thereby supported,and extended, for the benefit of all

sentient beings

Help us!!